Floral: Tropical: Creamy

Our Man O'Hoy Ale in a 5 litre mini cask for enjoying at home.

Brewed in tribute to an iconic Orcadian landmark which is renowned worldwide. The Old Man O'Hoy is a near vertical 140 metre sea stack, made of red sandstone, situated off the coast of west coast of Hoy. It is visible to the many thousands of daily visitors who come by ferry from mainland Scotland to Stromness. The stack is believed to be only around 250 years old and was formed from the surrounding cliffs and unfortunately being subject to wind and sea erosion will not be with us forever. So please raise a toast to the Old Man O'Hoy while he is still standing.

Deep Golden Ale with summer scents of soft and dark fruit. Flavours of citrus and mango with a soft malt background with a creamy hoppy smooth and delicate finish.

ABV 4.3 %

IBU 40

HOPS Mosaic: Amarillo

MALT Pale: Crystal: Malted Wheat