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Burns celebration box

18 Jan 2024

Burns Night Celebrations Box

A Selection of 16  of our beers to help you celebrate Burns Night all for £40.00 plus delivery 


4 x Red MacGregor, ruby ale with flavours of toffee, cherries and a dry finish - ABV 4.0% (500ml)

4 x Dark Island, a classic dark ale with smoky, chocolate and fruity aromas - ABV 4.6% (500ml)

2 x Northern Light, a blonde ale with a delicious crisp hop character with hints of fresh bread: giving way to spice, citrus and apricot hoppiness - ABV 4.0% (500 ml)

2 x Corncrake, thirst quenching golden ale with floral and vanilla aromas - ABV 4.1% (500ml) 

2 x Skull Splitter, a deep red, fruity and deceptively smooth scotch ale. Otherwise known as a barley wine - ABV 8.5% (330ml)

2 X Loch  8.0 %  -  A  golden ale with fruit and spice aromas, a gentle maltiness then more fruit flavours to finish. (330 ml)