brewery boys


Head Brewer Andrew joined the Orkney Brewery in 1994, having graduated from Heriot-Watt University with a degree in Brewing and Distilling. He tinkers with the beers to maintain their outstanding quality, and inspires the staff with his endless diligence in the sampling room. 

Ably helped by his team of brewers and assistants, Andrew is quite selfless in the amount of quality control he puts into his ales. Between them he, Kevin and John are our very own A-team. John joined us from Kinlochleven, having cut his teeth on producing the Atlas range, while Kevin enjoys ales almost as much as his beloved darts.

Magnus will deliver your orders all over Orkney and prepare the orders that are being shipped "Sooth" for national and international distribution.  Never underestimate a man in a beanie.

Newest to the team is Gavin. So far, he’s the voice of reason in our organised chaos!